Leys kick up a storm


In a contender for the worst ever team performance (alongside the worst weather), JET succumbed to the elements and was easily beaten by Oxford Leys in Rose Hill.

The UTVSL was the only league to go ahead on Sunday after all other matches across the county – and some of Europe – was postponed due to Storm Ciara.

With the severe gales and torrential hailstorm making the match almost unplayable, Oxford Leys ‘blew’ aside the visitors in the first half, scoring a very easy six goals despite a bright start from the visitors.

A further seven goals were scored in the second half for Leys as JET fell apart, with one foot already [hoping] to be in the dry and warmth of the changing rooms.

The visitors managed to score in between Oxford Leys’ second half goals as Joshua Golding’s effort ricocheted to Jamie Tricker, our first choice goalkeeper, to shoot low into the net.

Leys temporarily slipped into JET’s mindset when a pass back to the goalkeeper fell straight to James Broughton who stabbed in for his second in two matches, while substitute Grant Robinson scored a trademark header through the goalkeeper’s legs from Nathen Cox’s corner.

But the consolation goals were in vain as both sets of players, the referee, and spectators look back at the match and still wonder how on earth it went ahead.

JET FC GOALS: Jamie Tricker, James Broughton, Grant Robinson
Jamie Tricker
H/T SCORE: Oxford Leys 6-0 JET FC

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